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I created several dice theme images featuring different colors and dice arrangements. If you like one you can order it through All my images at are rendered with a resolution of 5250x3500 pixels, the upload was done with minimal jpg compression settings to guarantee best quality. In case of special wishes, e.g. other colors or a variation of the theme, just contact me. See my complete poster gallery at

Dice theme I Dice theme II Dice theme III
Dice Theme I Dice Theme II Dice Theme III
Dice theme IV Dice theme V Dice theme VI
Dice Theme IV Dice Theme V Dice Theme VI
Dice theme VII Office Corner Cupy Madness 1
Dice Theme VII Office Corner Cup Madness 1
Cupy Madness 2 Cupy Madness 3 Cupy Madness 4
Cup Madness 2 Cup Madness 3 Cup Madness 4