My Gallery 3

Page 3 of my gallery features more scenes of my favourite die object. After the release of POV-Ray 3.5 I decided to continue with the die object because there is still room for improvement as well as new pictures and incredible scenes. Most of the new features of 3.5 really invite a POV-Ray fan to try them and re-render his previous work.

More Dice Themes

Dice pattern with focal blur

First of all I improved the die once more. It tried several new ways to build it. In this case, new means not new features but new csg combinations of objects. I am not fully satisfied with the result so I try harder to create the perfect POV-Ray die.

A transparent die made of plastic is a great object to play with. You can form patterns, vary colors, and play with the light. The image on the left features hundreds of die objects. There are placed by using macros. Each die is randomly turned. The focal blur feature adds deepness and emphasizes the material of the objects in the focus of the image.

Dice Theme 1

This image uses the same macros as the image before does. But the camera location and the viewing angle is changed. By chance the invisible spot illusion is created. You will see small black spots at the crossings of the white lines. This is not an error in the image, it is just an optical illusion.

After finishing this image I slightly varied the theme by changing colors, orientation, and placement of the objects.

Dice Theme 3 Dice Theme 7 Dice Theme 4 Dice Theme 5 Dice Theme 2